Protect your family — cleaner, safer fruit and vegetables

Contaminated fruit and vegetables can cause food borne viruses and other health risks. Recent media reports of adverse test results and incidents are prompting more concerned consumers to ask, “Just how clean are our fruit and vegetables?”

Unavoidable risks of contamination
A lot of things can happen to fresh produce before it ends up in your shopping trolley. From growing, harvesting, to transport, to placement in your local supermarket, or even prior handling by another customer, there are many opportunities for your fruit and vegetables to be contaminated in some way. Some contamination risks are simply unavoidable.

Food from unknown sources
Most countries, including Australia, have very high standards and strict regulations, but at some point along the way your piece of fruit or vegetable has the potential to pick up something that could be harmful to your family’s health. Longer travelling times and extra handling contribute to the problem, as do the variations in food safety controls and quality standards in different countries.

Even organic doesn’t mean clean
Even locally-grown, organic fruit and vegetables can build up dirt and foreign contaminants when handled during picking, transportation and sales. Safeguard Fruit & Veggie Wash is made from all natural and organic ingredients. It gently and effectively removes dirt and contaminants, and then rinses clean, so you can be sure you’re not adding anything harmful.