Safeguard Fruit & Veggie Wash Ingredients –100% natural, organic and effective

Every ingredient in Safeguard Fruit & Veggie Wash is derived from natural sources and is biodegradable.


Ingredients include organic aloe vera, citrus essential oils, olive leaf extract, emulsifier (from fruit & berries), glycerine (from vegetable sources), purified water


We obtain ingredients only from reputable suppliers who cite OECD test results on their Material Safety Data Sheets.

For example, Safeguard Fruit & Veggie Wash contains organic aloe vera extract that comes from plants grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals. It contains no GMOs.


We have thoroughly tested the effectiveness of Safeguard Fruit & Veggie Wash in National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) - accredited laboratories in Australia.

Safeguard Fruit & Veggie Wash contains no preservatives and is safe for use on all types of fruit and vegetables. A natural way to protect your family.